Welcome to the website dedicated to veterinary certification in the Russian Federation! 


VetDokument was established to assist companies seeking to register feed additives, veterinary drugs and GMO fodder in Russia. We specialize in obtaining certification and registration of veterinary products that require approval for sale within the Eurasian Customs Union. Our team of professionals has industry-specific training and extensive experience in certification. 

Our feed additive registration services include: 

- Collection and analysis of documentation prior to registration; 

- Preparation of documentation for registration; 

- Administration of testing;

- Cooperation with expert organizations;

- Representation of a company’s interests before regulatory authorities; 

- Obtaining the Certificate of State Registration of Feed Additives in Russia. 

We offer an entire range of services and provide a full set of certification documents for the sale of products in the Russian Federation. 

If you use our services you will gain the following advantages: 

- Advice regarding veterinary laws in Russia; 

- Strict compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation at all stages; 

- Flexible methods of payment, including through foreign currency accounts. 

VetDokument provides consulting services for businesses regarding veterinary laws in Russia. We can provide a full range of services related to transportation and certification of controlled goods, including final customs clearance. This also includes obtaining necessary documentation to be used within the Customs Union.

Key services:

- State registration of veterinary medicines and feed additives, comprising the whole range of activities, such as dossier preparation, testing, and obtaining registration certificates.

- State registration of pesticides and agrochemicals, incl. raw data analysis, managing the provision of test plans, testing, obtaining registration certificates.

- Customs clearance of FSVPS-controlled goods

- Veterinary permit for importation of goods, issued by the FSVPS (Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor).

- Registration with the Argus automated system, as required for managing and tracking the movement of controlled goods.

The potential of our experts goes far beyond the above list; you can contact us at:

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It should be noted that the licenses obtained are valid not only within Russian Federation, but also within other countries of the Customs Union (Belarus, Kazakhstan).

We strive to find solutions to any tasks set by our clients.